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Lashes and Brows

Lash Lift and Tint (60 mins) $69

Lash Tint (30mins) $29

Brow Tint (15mins) $19


Brow Lamination (1Hr) $60


Classic Lashes Full Set (2hrs) $119

One extension per natural lash is applied to create a natural look that allows you to skip the mascara and add length. Ideal for someone who already has lots of natural lashes and just wants a natural, low maintenance mascara effect. 

 2 Week Refill (60mins) $54

Hybrid Lashes Full Set (2hrs 15mins) $129

A combination of classic and volume lashes, creates a softer fluffier set while still giving a bold dark lash line. Ideal for someone wanting the best of both worlds for their lashes. 

2 Week Refill (60mins) $59

90 min Refill  $79

Volume Lashes Full Set (2 1/2 hrs) $139

2 to 6 ultra lightweight lashes arranged in a fan are hand made and applied to one natural lash, creating a soft fluffy and full set of lashes. This style is ideal for someone with sparse lashes or someone wanting a fuller, denser lash line. 

2 Week Refill (60mins) $64

90 Minute Refill $85

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